Where to buy to let?

Young couple holding a house key together with their hands drawing a heart shape









Cwmbran, Newport, Caerleon or Pontypool other parts of NP?

I often get asked where is the place to purchase a Buy to Let property, the answer is pretty much anywhere! The main thing to consider is, your, the landlord’s main objective.

Some landlords will never visit the property and are not concerned on how “popular” the area is as long as the numbers stack up.

In the “cheaper” parts of a town there can often be fantastic yields, but some may say that, then as a result, there will be more maintenance required at the end of the tenancy, a larger turn around of tenants during the time of ownership and perhaps less capital growth. Other landlords may be prepared to take a lower monthly yield by buying a property in a more “popular” area with the hope of less tenant turnarounds and with larger capital growth.

There is more than one way to skin a cat (I have a dog) 🙂 and there are also various other things that should be considered – if you want any advice please get in touch I would love to hear from you




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