Preparing a property for sale


I often get asked “what is the best way to prepare a property for sale?” Should kitchens or bathrooms be replaced beforehand, is it worth improving the heating system/windows etc. In the vast majority of cases £5000 spent on a property will not mean you get £5000 more when the property sells. The main points are to ensure the property is clean, de-cluttered and if it is empty it definitely can be worth painting the property magnolia, or similar, at as little cost as possible. This will provide a blank canvas for people to appreciate the property not the décor.

It is a far safer bet to price your property for sale taking into consideration the improvements that may be required than to improve the property and hope for a higher price as a result – after all any potential purchaser may not like your improvements and won’t want to pay for them as they will be changing them anyway.

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