Not want a for sale board?


This bit of advice is generally aimed at private sellers, selling their main home.

Your for sale board is probably the most important part of your marketing campaign when you are selling your property. It shows your neighbours that your property is for sale, and they will naturally tell anyone they think might be interested in buying in the area. Not only that, but if you’re thinking of moving to an area, the first thing most people do is to have a drive around, looking for sale boards. In fact, some research shows that for every viewing that is booked, there are at least ten prospective buyers that simply drive past, and discount your house.

We have even had feedback from motivated buyers questioning whether the owner of a property was really interested in selling as they had no for sale board!

Boards are not always right for every property but in our experience it is extremely rare that a property sale isn’t helped significantly by a for sale board.

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