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The Licensing of ALL Welsh Landlords

Who does it affect?…

…YOU! If you are a landlord you HAVE to register yourself AND your properties. There will be a fee to register. This applies to all residential properties you own and rent out in Wales.

Once registered if you have ANY INVOLVEMENT at all with the dealings of the property, this can mean if you manage the property yourself, collect the rent, visit the property or even simply speak to the tenant you have to pay an additional fee and sit an exam (and pass it) to become licensed. You will have to present your license number to all of your tenants and this number must be on all literature and tenancy agreements etc. Your tenant can report you to the local authority, environmental health etc. by using this reference.

If you have no reference/license number you can get fined and struck off from being a landlord.  Any rent you have received since the implementation of the act could be repaid by you to your tenant in full and you could be issued with Fixed Penalty Notices and summary convictions (with fines) if you are not registered and/or licensed.

If you want to avoid the hassle and potential implications/prosecution simply instruct a licensed letting agent to manage your property. Their fees are 100% tax deductible and could save you literally tens of thousands of pounds in the future.

The above was introduced in November 2015 and landlords have until November 2016 to be registered and/or licensed.

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