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Take a look at this property below that has just come to market in the Thornhill area of Cwmbran. It’s not being sold by a local agent but it has tenants in place. The typical rental income would be approximately £500 to £550 PCM

Approximate interest only buy to let mortgage figures would be as follows:

Purchase Price £100,000

Mortgage Amount £75,000

Monthly repayment £195.00 interest only

Gross Monthly Profit £305 to £355 Per Month – you wouldn’t get that return on a £25,000 investment in any bank or building society!

Click Here to see the property

This is why people are still looking at buy to let as a profitable investment whilst interest rates are low, if it was bought cash then the yield would be a healthy 6.6%

All of the above are approximate figures and there are other costs and fees to consider, many of which are tax deductible, but this is just an example of what can be done.

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