18th December 2016 0

4.9% of Pontypool People live in Shared Households

I had an interesting chat the other day with a Pontypool landlord. He said he had been chatting with an...
26th November 2016 0

Cwmbran Housing Crisis? Only 2% of Cwmbran Homes Are For Sale

The Cwmbran Property Market continues to disregard the end of the world prophecies of a post Brexit fallout...
21st November 2016 0

Private Renting set to grow by 700 Cwmbran households by 2025

I was having a most interesting chat the other day with a Cwmbran landlord when we were looking at a...
18th November 2016 0

House Prices in Cwmbran rise by more than 12% in the last 18 months

Over the last month, the Cwmbran property market has seen some interesting movement in house prices, as...
15th November 2016 0

Cwmbran Property Market in 2017 and Beyond

As the trees turn from green to hues of red and brown, the Cwmbran property market has a confident feel to...


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